JULY 30, 2018
Cosmos 1.5

  • Reworked Menu with shortcuts and more simplicity
  • Execute alternative commands from Maya
  • Blacklist actions from both Maya and Cosmos
  • Multiple action-paths. Link to actions in Dropbox, external drives etc
  • General UI improvements and bug fixes
  • Bug fixes for Unicode users
  • Use the TAB key to execute commands when Cosmos is open
  • Hold ALT to execute alternative commands when available from Maya
  • Shortcuts for favorites/black/edit of actions
  • Reworked action=list with filters to make it easier to list things.
  • ActionlistReworked docking and different sorting modes in
  • Gray-Mode available in settings
  • The search-window remembers its position on screen if you move it
  • And plenty more...

For instructions on how to update: cosmos.toolsfrom.space/documentation


JULY 5, 2017
Cosmos 1.0.1

  • Fixed an issue where Maya would crash if “Legacy Render Layers” was activated in settings characters would cause errors on action-loading Unicode.
  • Fixed an issue where windows would not stay on top for "Windows" users (confusing sentence indeed)
  • New slide animation on startup and refined overall animations
  • Fixed problems with custom menu-commands. (make sure Cosmos is executed only after those menus are added in the interface)
  • Search speed improvements
  • Sanity check when writing settings
  • Favourite/Unfavorite no longer closing window on a Mac
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would not open after searching something would break the UIActionlist- Fixed an issue where hitting “Reload” in the
  • Fixed tab order when adding actions
  • Smaller action fixes (“OpenMayaPluginFolder”, “OpenMayaScriptFolder”, "ConnectMultiple")

For instructions on how to update: cosmos.toolsfrom.space/documentation


JUNE 1, 2017
Cosmos 1.0 Released 

This is the first public release of Cosmos.
It has been in private beta for a while now by some fellow test subjects ironing out bugs and coming with great suggestions.

Cosmos at the moment offer the following functionality:

  • Search for Maya Actions and the ones added to Cosmos.
  • This can also be docked to the side of Maya. 
  • View all Actions in the Actionlist Actions and view them.
  • Edit existing actions by double-clicking
  • Add your own Actions with a simple interface.

If you are trying to update please follow the instructions here: cosmos.toolsfrom.space/documentation 
For FAQ or features please feel free to browse the website for that information.

About the Creator

I'm Martin, a Rigging TD currently working from Toronto.
I like to rig characters, but also to work on tools that help people spend more time on things that matter.

/Martin Gunnarsson