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Change log


  1. Fix an issue where executed actions wouldn’t get added to the “Recent Actions” list
  2. Adding the functionality to disable window-animations by adding the following line in your variables.py:
    windowAnim = False


First bug-fix addressing mainly Unicode errors, “Legacy Render-layer” crash and code optimisation

  1. Fixed an issue where Maya would crash if “Legacy Render Layers” was activated in settings
  2. Fixed an issue where unicode characters would cause errors on action-loading
  3. Fixed an issue where windows would not stay on top for “Windows” users (confusing sentence indeed)
  4. New slide animation on startup and refined overall animations
  5. Fixed problems with custom menu-commands. (make sure Cosmos is executed only after those menus are added in the interface)
  6. Search speed improvements
  7. Sanity check when writing settings
  8. Favourite/Unfavorite no longer closing window on a Mac
  9. Fixed an issue where the menu would not open after searching something
  10. Fixed an issue where hitting “Reload” in the Actionlist would break the UI
  11. Fixed tab order when adding actions
  12. Smaller action fixes (“OpenMayaPluginFolder”, “OpenMayaScriptFolder”, “ConnectMultiple”)


First public release

  1. Search for Maya Actions and the ones added to Cosmos.
  2. View all Actions in the Actionlist. This can also be docked to the side of Maya.
  3. Favourite Actions and view them in the Actionlist.
  4. Edit existing actions by double-clicking
  5. Add your own Actions with a simple interface.
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