1. Close Maya
  2. Unzip Folder
    The first thing to do, and it might sound a bit obvious, is to unzip the file you just got.
  3. Copy Files
    Place the “cosmos” folder in Maya’s script directory. Normally it’s here:
    Windows Vista and Windows 7
    Mac OS X
    ~<username>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/scriptsLinux (64-bit)

    If you have issues finding the script folder, run the following command in Maya as mel:
    internalVar -userScriptDir
  4. Add startup-command
    Add the following line to your in the “scripts” directory:
    import cosmos
    (If it doesn’t exist, use the one from the unzipped folder, or create a new blank text file with the above text)
  5. You are ready to roll!
    Next time you start Maya you should be able to activate Cosmos with the shortcut:


    Windows CTRL + TAB
    Linux CTRL + TAB
    Mac SHIFT + TAB

Ps. You can, of course, add Cosmos to whatever shortcut you want with the following code in the hotkey editor:

If you still have questions, email me and I help you get it up and running 🙂

Linux User:
If you running into issues, have a look here

Got any questions? Contact me
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