Add Actions

Adding your own scripts to Cosmos is easy. It can do done from two places:

  • Cosmos > MENU > Add Action
  • Clicking the “Add Action” in the Actionlist

Pro-tip: middle mouse drag a shelf button from your shelf into the window to get the information from it without any typing.

Title: The name of the Action

A short description of what it does

Optional tags to add to this Action describing what it does

In what Action-path does it live. By default, you can choose to save it in your User Actions (Normally under your documents folder).
You can also add more paths to read/write actions in Settings.

Choose a category for your Action This is a good way to organize your actions into different groups. You can also add a new category by clicking on the + icon next to it.

The action code-snippet for your Action. Specify the format for it below

The coding language of your action.


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