The Actionlist

The Actionlist is our way to display all the Cosmos Actions added to Cosmos.
You also have options to filter/sort them based on a number of criteria.

Sorting modes:
Different sorting modes are available, all offering ways to view your Actions.

  • Alphabetical:
    Sorted by the alphabetical names of the Actions.
  • Category:
    Sort by the Actions category
  • Path:
    Sort by the Action-path/lists they are in
  • Tags:
    Sort by what tags are assigned to the actions
  • Relevance:
    Sort by how often an Action has been used. More used Actions have a higher relevance.

Filter actions:
Actions can be filtered by clicking the Filter text and choose what you wanna filter for.
To reset the current filter simple click in the “Reset current Filters” in the lower section of the filter-view.
(Maya’s Actions are currently not supported to be displayed in this interface, as it is a representation of Maya’s menu).

How to access it:
Cosmos > MENU > Actionlist

 Dock the action-list:
Simply click on the docking button next to the close button in the upper right corner.
This will dock the Actionlist to be displayed on the right side.

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