Settings Window


This is where we set and control some of the important parts of Cosmos.

Action folders:
This is where your Actions are stored on file. By default, you will see actions from the Cosmos install directory and your used-actions.
You can add more paths at any time. (Read more)

Keep Window open:
Enabling this will always keep Cosmos open even after clicking an Action.
(Note that you can keep the window temporarily open by holding SHIFT KEY while clicking an Action).

Gray color-scheme
Enable this will change the look of cosmos to a more toned down gray interface (Save to apply)

Include Maya Menus:

Uncheck this to disable Cosmos viewing of Actions from the Maya menus.

This is where you can reset your personal searches saved by Cosmos. It includes:

  • Favorite Actions
  • Recent Actions
  • Blacklisted Actions
  • Personal searches
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