Frequently Asked Questions

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What's this cosmos stuff anyway?

Cosmos is a tool that speeds up your maya workflows by a search-bar at your fingertips.
Packed with custom scripts that make you do less boring stuff, and focus on the important things.
You also have access to Maya's own tools and are able to add your own.

Does it work for all Operating systems?

Mac and Windows and Linux.

What versions are supported?

Maya 2014 up to the current one.

Will you be releasing more tools for cosmos?

Cosmos is built in a way so that anyone that normally can add a script to a shelf can create there own Actions to Cosmos.
I keep writing new Actions all the time, so adding more tools in the future is not unlikely.

Where can I download it?

You can download it here via the download page or directly via Gumroad

How can I create my own icons?

Cosmos reads most image formats, also SVGs. You can specify the icon when adding a Action or just place it somewhere in the cosmos structure for the name to be identified. The preferred size for icons is 33x33px. (HDPI screens are also supported so double that if so)

What script languages are supported?

Cosmos supports both Python and Mel. Just specify your format when adding a script.

How much do I need to pay for Cosmos? 

Cosmos it's free and will remain free.
In case you want to help out please consider donating some money so I can keep on building more tools and updating cosmos.

What if I want to use it on my company's pipeline? 

In this case please contact me at so we can discuss it further.

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For changelog or features please feel free to browse the website for that information.

About the Creator

I'm Martin, a Rigging TD currently working from Toronto.
I like to rig characters, but also to work on tools that help people spend more time on things that matter.

/Martin Gunnarsson