This release is focused on 2020 support and also brings a new way to duplicate a Action from the edit Action Window.


  • Maya 2020 support with latest and other fixes.
  • Reduced errors on startup when searching Maya-menus.
  • On first start and no preferences found, it will show the tutorial window to make it easier for new users.
  • Unicode fixes [cp1252].
  • The action “Group by name” now respects its hierarchy.
  • The action “mirrorGeometryChanges” now has better instructions for what to select.
  • The action “Invert Keyframe values” is now more reliable when time is not set from the start.
  • Bug with trying to update a window that was already deleted and would produce an error.


  • Duplicate an Action  directly from the Edit Action screen
  • Print a snippet from a action to add it as a hotkey in the hotkey editor [In the future this might be able to add a hotkey from within cosmos]