December 17, 20191 Comment

Cosmos 1.6 – Maya 2020 support

This release is focused on 2020 support and also brings a new way to duplicate a Action from the edit Action Window.


  • Maya 2020 support with latest and other fixes.
  • Reduced errors on startup when searching Maya-menus.
  • On first start and no preferences found, it will show the tutorial window to make it easier for new users.
  • Unicode fixes [cp1252].
  • The action “Group by name” now respects its hierarchy.
  • The action “mirrorGeometryChanges” now has better instructions for what to select.
  • The action “Invert Keyframe values” is now more reliable when time is not set from the start.
  • Bug with trying to update a window that was already deleted and would produce an error.


  • Duplicate an Action  directly from the Edit Action screen
  • Print a snippet from a action to add it as a hotkey in the hotkey editor [In the future this might be able to add a hotkey from within cosmos]

August 1, 2018No Comments

Release day for Cosmos 1.5

I'm excited to release Cosmos 1.5 today!
A lot of small improvements under the hood and a new features that will hopefully take your Cosmos game to new heights 🙂
Download today for free and check the change-log for a full breakdown.

July 5, 2017No Comments

Cosmos 1.0.1 – Update available for download

----- New in 1.0.1 ----

  • Fixed an issue where Maya would crash if “Legacy Render Layers” was
    activated in settings
  • Fixed an issue where unicode characters would cause errors on
  • Fixed an issue where windows would not stay on top for "Windows" users
    (confusing sentence indeed)
  • New slide animation on startup and refined overall animations
  • Fixed problems with custom menu-commands. (make sure Cosmos is executed
    only after those menus are added in the interface)
  • Search speed improvements
  • Sanity check when writing settings
  • Favourite/Unfavorite no longer closing window on a Mac
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would not open after searching something
  • Fixed an issue where hitting “Reload” in the Actionlist would break
    the UI
  • Fixed tab order when adding actions
  • Smaller action fixes (“OpenMayaPluginFolder”, “OpenMayaScriptFolder”, "ConnectMultiple")

Download from:

For instructions on how to update:

July 2, 2017No Comments

1000+ Downloads

A month after launching I'm happy to mention that Cosmos has been downloaded more then 1000+ times! Thanks everyone for downloading and using it 🙂
The response has been incredible and lot of nice people have been spreading the word on twitter.


June 1, 2017No Comments

Cosmos 1.0 Released

This is the first public release of Cosmos. It has been in private beta for a while now by some fellow test subjects ironing out bugs and coming with great suggestions.

Cosmos at the moment offer the following functionality:

  • Search for Maya Actions and the ones added to Cosmos.
  • View all Actions in the Actionlist. This can also be docked to the side of Maya.
  • Favourite Actions and view them in the Actionlist.
  • Edit existing actions by double-clicking
  • Add your own Actions with a simple interface.