----- New in 1.0.1 ----

  • Fixed an issue where Maya would crash if “Legacy Render Layers” was
    activated in settings
  • Fixed an issue where unicode characters would cause errors on
  • Fixed an issue where windows would not stay on top for "Windows" users
    (confusing sentence indeed)
  • New slide animation on startup and refined overall animations
  • Fixed problems with custom menu-commands. (make sure Cosmos is executed
    only after those menus are added in the interface)
  • Search speed improvements
  • Sanity check when writing settings
  • Favourite/Unfavorite no longer closing window on a Mac
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would not open after searching something
  • Fixed an issue where hitting “Reload” in the Actionlist would break
    the UI
  • Fixed tab order when adding actions
  • Smaller action fixes (“OpenMayaPluginFolder”, “OpenMayaScriptFolder”, "ConnectMultiple")

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