The API documentation can be found here

In cosmos install is a file that can specify different underlying attributes that are not directly available to the main user.

Where is it located?

In the Cosmos installation directory in Maya modules under:


What can I adjust?


The maximum amount of items to show in view of the search

Default value Type
10 INT


The maximum amount of items to show in a search

Default value Type
25 INT


Display messages in the top-right corner of the UI

Default value Type


stop loading of load directories for Actions if False

Default value Type


If True, install the shortcut on startup

Default value Type


If True, scan Maya menues for Actions

Default value Type


Show the tutorial if no preferences find if enabled

Default value Type


Set a custom directory for the preferences. 'cosmosPrefs' will be created in this folder if not found

Default value Type
False Str [For new paths]

Change Log


Noticeable Features:
- Maya 2022 support with Python 3 (By help from Loïc Pinsard)
- Drag-N-Drop Installer
- Maya Modules setup
- Syntax support when editing Actions
- Improved search speeds
- Universal Tags
- Improved Path handling with Prefixes and verification states that are reflected in settings
- More robust recommended searches that score higher than you have used recently but not so often
- The Cosmos preference folder (cosmosPrefs) path can now be defined by in

Smaller updates:
- Tutorial can be disabled on first setup by setting a variable in
- Improved API
- Execute Option dialogs for Maya commands with ALT + E
- New action names better reflect the naming of the title of the action


- Maya 2020 support with latest and other fixes.
- Reduced errors on startup when searching Maya-menus.
- On first start and no preferences found, it will show the tutorial window to make it easier for new users.
- Unicode fixes [cp1252].
- The action “Group by name” now respects its hierarchy.
- The action “mirrorGeometryChanges” now has better instructions for what to select.
- The action “Invert Keyframe values” is now more reliable when time is not set from the start.
- Bug with trying to update a window that was already deleted and would produce an error.


  • Duplicate an Action directly from the Edit Action screen
  • Print a snippet from a action to add it as a hotkey in the hotkey editor


  • Reworked Menu with shortcuts and more simplicity
  • Execute alternative commands from Maya
  • Blacklist actions from both Maya and Cosmos
  • Multiple action-paths. Link to actions in Dropbox, external drives etc
  • General UI improvements and bug fixes
  • Bug fixes for Unicode users
  • Use the TAB key to execute commands when Cosmos is open
  • Hold ALT to execute alternative commands when available from Maya
  • Shortcuts for favorites/black/edit of actions
  • Reworked action=list with filters to make it easier to list things.
  • Reworked docking and different sorting modes in Actionlist
  • Gray-Mode available in settings
  • The search-window remembers its position on screen if you move it


  • Fix an issue where executed actions wouldn’t get added to the “Recent Actions” list
  • Adding the functionality to disable window-animations by adding the following line in your
    windowAnim = False


First bug-fix addressing mainly Unicode errors, “Legacy Render-layer” crash and code optimization

Fixed an issue where Maya would crash if “Legacy Render Layers” was activated in settings
Fixed an issue where Unicode characters would cause errors on action-loading
Fixed an issue where windows would not stay on top for “Windows” users (confusing sentence indeed)
New slide animation on startup and refined overall animations
Fixed problems with custom menu-commands. (make sure Cosmos is executed only after those menus are added in the interface)
Search speed improvements
Sanity check when writing settings
Favorite/Unfavorite no longer closing window on a Mac
Fixed an issue where the menu would not open after searching something
Fixed an issue where hitting “Reload” in the Actionlist would break the UI
Fixed tab order when adding actions
Smaller action fixes (“OpenMayaPluginFolder”, “OpenMayaScriptFolder”, “ConnectMultiple”)


First public release

Search for Maya Actions and the ones added to Cosmos.
View all Actions in the Actionlist. This can also be docked to the side of Maya.
Favorite Actions and view them in the Actionlist.
Edit existing actions by double-clicking
Add your own Actions with a simple interface.