Here you find answhers to the most common questions using and setting up Cosmos.


Do I need to use the userSetup.py

As of Cosmos 1.8 the userSetup.py is no longer needed as Maya is now a module. The automatic installer put things where they should be, but if you prefer a manual set up please check here.

I dont know where to place the files

A quick guide on how to install Cosmos can be found here

If you wanna know the script folder to place the files in, try running the following command in Maya:
>Mel Command:

internalVar -userScriptDir

And if you have no luck, look at Mayas section for File path variables

Upgrading from Cosmos 1.6

Upgrading from cosmos 1.6 is easy, especially when you've seen the automatic installer with a drag-n-drop file. The preferences will be converted to the new Json format, and then you Cosmos installed under the Maya modules folder. The installer also ask if you'd like to remove the existing cosmos 1.6 if you like. read more on the installation process [here]

I installed Cosmos but the hotkey is not working

The best place to look for is in the cosmos.log file saved in the same directory as your Cosmos preferences. You can also check the script editor for errors and refer to the [error section]. If it's not listed there, feel free to send a [new request].

Can I have my library in another folder, adding more paths?

Totally, you can add as many parts as you want from the settings screen. Read more about it here

The Interface

A wondow won't Disappear

Sounds like Cosmos lost focus of the existing window and refuse to delete it. Try to hit the shortcut again or type cosmos.start() in a python prompt.
If the Window Cosmos window won’t disappear for some reason, it’s most likely because it’s out of focus.
Try clicking on it and hit the “ESC” key on your keyboard, or the small X in the upper right corner.

The search-window dont have focus

If you are a Windows user, you might be experiencing that the search window doesn’t have focus before you click on it.
This should be fixed in Cosmos 1.1. If so, please download the latest version [here].


What Maya versions are supported?

Maya 2017-2022

What OS are supported?

Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux

Where can I download it?

Download it here

Can I reset my search data?

Search data can easily be reset from the settings screen clicking the red reset button. More Info here

Can I reset my search data?

Search data can easily be reset from the settings screen clicking the red reset button

What does "Rescan" do?

rescan Actions searches the current [actions paths] again for newly added actions and scripts.

Can I keep the Cosmos Open?

You can turn on "Always On" under the settings Dialog

How to hide Cosmos?

Cosmos should automatically hide when a actions is triggered, but if not click the X in the top right corner.

Can I change my actions folder?

Of course you can!
See more info here how to add or remove folders.

Can I change where my Cosmos preferences are saved?

You can indeed, there is a variable you can set to a custom folder. Read more about it here

How do I change the color of Cosmos?

You can change the appearance of Cosmos between the default blue or a more nuanced gray-mode. This can be set in:

Cosmos > Menu > Settings > Gray-Mode

How can I stop Cosmos from loading by default?

The easiest way is to disable the two following variables in the variables.py settings.

Variable Value
loadOnMayaLaunch False
startupHotkey False

Read more about variables here

How can I reset things to default?

If things are not working as expected, or if you simply want to reset things to factory settings with Cosmos.


Remember, this will remove all your favorites actions, past searches and User-Actions.

  1. Navigate to the following user document folder depending [Se below]
  2. Remove the following folder cosmosPrefs
  3. Restart Maya and follow the tutorial
OS Path
Windows Vista and Windows 7: \Users\<username>\Documents
Mac OS X: ~<username> (Home folder)
Linux (64-bit): ~<username>


Where are you actions saved?

Your actions is what powers the search of Cosmos. By default, Cosmos will come with a set of Actions found in your install-directory of Cosmos.
You also have set the user-defined Action in your Documents folder on Windows, and user-Folder on a Mac.
To find where actions are stored, go to the Settings window (Cosmos > MENU > Settings), and check under the Action-paths section.

Can I add my own Icons

When adding or editing an Action, you can either use one of the existing Cosmos icons or choose one from your hard drive.
Simply click on the Icon in the upper left corner to pick a file. The icon will then be copied into your Cosmos Action folder.

Supported formats:
Preferred size:

Are both MEL and Python supported?

You bet they are. Just specify what scripting language you are using when adding/editing an Action.

Can I create my own categories?

When adding/editing an Action, you can easily create a new category.

  1. Open the Add Action window (Cosmos > MENU > Add Action).
  2. Click on the plus next to the Category buttons
    This brings up a window for you to enter a new category name.
  3. When done, click the “Add” button and save your Action.


The category won’t actually be created before you are saving your Action into it

How do I delete a category?

For now, the only way to remove a category is by going to its folder in Explorer/Finder and deleting it from there.

I want to transfer my shelf to Cosmos, can I do that?

To add an existing shelf button to Cosmos, follow the steps on this page.
(There is currently no function to transfer a whole shelf to Cosmos but can be done one by one).

What does the star mean?

By clicking the star, you favorite that Action so that you can access it easily, either by clicking the Favourite icon in the search or on the top of the Actionlist.


I can’t dock the Actionlist

If you click the docking icon in the Actionlist (next to the X in the corner) and it won’t dock, try to close the existing window and open it up again.

Not loading on Ubuntu, linux

I myself don’t run Linux daily, but if you are running into issues when loading here is a fix from a friendly user (thanks Marc-André).
You have to start Maya with a csh script which looks like this:

!/bin/csh -f
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/autodesk/maya2020/plug-ins/xgen/lib:/usr/autodesk/maya2020/plug-ins/substance/lib:/usr/autodesk/maya2018/lib:/usr/autodesk/maya2018/plug-ins/camd/lib:/usr/autodesk/maya2018/plug-ins/fbx/lib:/usr/autodesk/maya2018/plug-ins/MASH/lib:/usr/autodesk/maya2018/plug-ins/xgen/lib


My error is not listed here

If so, send an email to containing:

  • 1 The error.
  • 2 Description of the problem.
  • 3 Your Cosmos version (Cosmos > MENU > Settings)
    Email: cosmos@deerstranger.com