What Is this tool?

Cosmos is a launcher that helps you to work faster in Maya.
It comes with a bunch of build-in script to speed up your day, but can also search all the available tools and menus in Maya.
You can also add your own scripts and build up your library of tools.


icon Drag-N-Drop Install


Including in the cosmos.zip is a file called drag-n-drop.py.
This file when dragged into Maya will install the necessary components and remove any old version of Cosmos on your system.
1. Open Maya (If its not already open)
2. Drag the file "drag_me_into_maya_viewport.py" into the Maya viewport and follow the instructions


All Cosmos settings will be preserved.


PS. If a previous Cosmos setup exists in maya/scripts, The installer will ask to remove it and its advised to do so, to not run into conflicts.
You will need to remove the "import" cosmos line from your userSetup file if it exists.

icon Manual Installation

  1. Close Maya
  2. Navigate to your Maya Modules directory. More information can be found here where its located at help.autodesk.com
  3. Place the "cosmos" and "cosmos.mod" files in the "maya/modules" directory.
  4. Open Maya and Cosmos should show on startup.
    If not shown, try typing the following as a Python command:

Using Cosmos

Cosmos works like most launchers in the way that you are entering a text that will then filter down to find what you are looking for.

Main Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Navigate between the results Up/Down Arrow
Execute the selected Action Enter / Tab
Favorite Action CTRL+ F / COMMAND + F


For more handy shortcuts, see the shortcuts section

Viewing Modes

listIcon Latest: Show Recent Executed Actions

listIcon Favorites: Show Favorites

listIcon Blacklist: Show Blacklist

listIcon Menu: Display Meny options

Card Actions

listIcon Favorite/Un-favorite an action (Read more)

listIcon Execute alternative commands options for Maya Actions (Read more)

listIcon View more options for editing and deleting actions

Adding your own Script

Now that you have Cosmos up and running it might be time to get your own scripts in it.
To create an Action, we will use the “Add Action” function from the Cosmos Menu.

  1. Open Cosmos with the shortcut
  2. Click on the MENU icon
  3. Click on Add Action and fill in your details

You will now be presented with a dialog where you can enter all types of information. You can read more details about the Add Action interface here.


In Cosmos, we call each script an Action, a script-file with name/description/tags etc.

Quick Add from shelf

If you already have a Python or Mel script on your shelf, the quickest way is to just drag it onto the “Add Action” window.

Sync with Dropbox/One Drive

Syncing Cosmos between computers is really simple. Follow the steps outliner here: